Wonder Woman Episode 101: “Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther”

TV Logo

Aired: April 21, 1976
Writer: Margaret Armen
Director: Barry Crane

So, the pilot is over, and we’re on our first real episode. How does Wonder Woman fare with a smaller budget and smaller aims? Let’s find out!

The Baroness, with her prison guard/Nazi double agent.
The Baroness, with her prison guard/Nazi double agent.
What Happens?

Steve’s being set up as a Nazi double agent by somebody close to the US military, and he and Diana have to investigate how. They visit the prison where the Nazi spymaster Baroness Von Gunther is being imprisoned. The warden’s son befriends Wonder Woman and also uncovers a secret passage that allows the Baroness to move in and out of the prison to contact her man on the inside, who works for the US Military and is the one investigating Steve Trevor. The Nazis manage to capture Steve, Wonder Woman, and the kid detective, only for their plans to be thwarted when Wonder Woman wrecks shop, thus leading to Steve’s exoneration.

Civilian Diana
Civilian Diana
  • Diana Prince’s civilian guise as Steve’s secretary is a good look. She’s super cute.
  • It’s clear that this show doesn’t have the budget that the pilot did. Wonder Woman runs everywhere instead of taking her jet, which is a ludicrous image. Wonder Woman slowly galloping along the highways towards danger is a bad look.

    No, really.
    No, really.
  • Plucky kid detective manages to steal this episode in any scene he’s in. He’s a dumb moppet, with his hat and magnifying glass, but he’s very cute and his general craftiness stands out in a world where everyone else is kind of ridiculous and arch. Also, he and Wonder Woman become seemingly best friends in about 30 seconds, which is how I’d feel about Wonder Woman too, to be honest.
  • The Nazis plan to deal with Wonder Woman is to knock her out with sleeping gas and then shackle her with giant evil Nazi chains? But she’s just like draped in chains on a chair, and manages to just stand up and be free. It’s a really stupid plan, honestly. Like how were they planning on killing her? They really didn’t think it through.

    Seen above: a stupid plan.
    Seen above: a stupid plan.
  • The fight scene, such as it is, is basically Steve throwing a punch while Wonder Woman picks people up and throws them against flimsy scenery. Which is pretty entertaining, but then when she chases after the Baroness the two of them tumble end over end down a long lawn for a full minute. It’s a big step back from the great fight in the pilot, and it evokes the sort of slap fight style of women fighting popularized by the bad eras of wrestling and Jerry Springer shows. I hate it.vlcsnap-2016-10-17-20h41m05s184



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